Version 0.0.2

February 5th, 2012 Posted in Version Update

The second iteration of Shortest Walking Route is designed to gather and display Network Location and GPS Locaton

Screenshot of Still Data

data for 5 minutes.

The screenshot here shows the application displaying location data captured while I was standing still, previously when I had tested the application while still it had poured out pages and pages of coordinates.

I was worried something was broken until I realised that the application was showing less data because it had such a firm GPS fix on me that it knew I wasn’t moving. When I had tested it before I had been in a building and it’s fixes had been sporadic enough that they could be movement.


Version 0.0.2


This version only updates it’s display when a GPS Location fix comes in, so Network Location fixes will not display on their own.

It’s timer runs by checking if it has run for five minutes yet every time a GPS Location fix arrives, so if it cannot get a fix it will continue to run past 5 minutes until it does.


What’s Next:

Firstly I would like to look at some of the other things that the GPS system gives you, like accuracy, and direction.

Secondly I will also break down the data and look at the difference between fixes instead of at the fixes themselves.

Thirdly I will figure out a way to roll the Network and GPS Location into one usable variable.

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