Version 0.0.1

February 3rd, 2012 Posted in Version Update

The first version of Shortest Walking Route is simply a test of the location services in Android.

Screenshot Of This Version

It shows the Network Location and GPS Location of the device and updates them as fast as android will deliver updates.

From this test build I can determine a few things which will be important later on:

  • Network Location is much faster to deliver a response than GPS Location.
  • GPS Location is very detailed but will bounce around as it estimates location.
  • It’s much faster to get a GPS Location when the WiFi is enabled on the device.


Version 0.0.1

Note: Once this application is running it will not turn off of it’s own accord, you will have to go into application management and kill it manually. Otherwise it will continue to grab gps information as often as possible until your battery dies.


What’s Next:

Next I want to configure the application to record gps information for 5 minutes so I can get a look at the difference between a moving handset and still handset.

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