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Version 0.0.8 Burritos And Blues Edition

April 1st, 2012    Posted in Important Note, Version Update

 I am very excited to announce that with Version 0.0.8 Shortest Walking Route is now officially supported by Dublin’s Fastest Growing Burrito Chain: Burritos And Bues!
As part of this exciting new partnership you can now see the locations and opening hours of Ireland’s best burrito shops whenever you look at the Display Routes screen  of Shortest Walking Route!

Install Version 0.0.8 on your Android device right now to see for yourself!

  • If you have used previous versions of this application you may notice that your routes look more messy in Display Routes. This is because I have disabled filtering of GPS data when it is going to be displayed and started filtering it while it is being captured instead. This should save space in the database (as useless data is no-longer kept there) and help resolve some stability issues.
  • In order to let new users get the most up-to-the-minute information about Burritos And Blues opening hours, I have changed the application to allow users to go directly in Display Routes without capturing a route first.
What’s Next:
  • Fun!
  • Excitement!
  • Really Wild Things!
  • ListView!


Update: The maps weren’t working properly in the version I originally posted. Should be fine now.

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Previous Versions Removed

February 24th, 2012    Posted in Important Note

I have removed hosting for the previous  versions of this application and would ask that anyone who has installed them, please uninstall them.

When I went to get an API Key for Google Maps I read the article about signing your application.

I realised that I had been distributing an application signed with an insecure debugging key.

I have created my own secure key and will sign any future versions distributed here with that key.




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