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Sample Result

May 22nd, 2012    Posted in Uncategorized


Today I stopped my car in a driveway and turned Capture Route on, I captured myself driving from there to work. I drove up the hill to foggy Killiney and back down through Ballybrack Village. (Blue Line, Route 10)

Yesterday I stopped in that same driveway and started a capture which took me down to the Graduate Roundabout and down Church Road. (Green Line, Route 9)


Doing this gave me two clean routes, with their starting and ending points roughly the same, with their last points being just before I drove into the underground carpark in Cherrywood.

By tapping on these final points I can view the information stored for the routes.

From these results we can see that the route over the hill is around 560m shorter, but the higher speeds on the other route even it out.

I’ll have to capture the route through Killiney again without the fog and see how if it makes a difference.


Please give SWR v0.0.11 a go and let me know what results you get!


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Shortest Walking Route – Objective

February 3rd, 2012    Posted in Uncategorized

Shortest Walking Route is an Android application which allows the user to record different walking paths between two locations and see which is fastest on average.

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