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Version 0.0.9

April 8th, 2012    Posted in Version Update

With Version 0.0.9 I have finally implemented a ListView to display new gps fixes as they are captured. This took quite some doing and there a lot of changes because of this.

Now instead of the CaptureRouteActivity taking care of location services they are managed by a custom service called LocationService. When LocationService receives an update it does not directly update the ListView but instead stores the fix in the database and calls:

contentResolver.notifyChange(baseUri, null);

This (through FixProvider) notifies CaptureRouteFragment that an update is available to route which is being displayed in the ListView, CaptureRouteFragment then updates as soon as it can.

Because of these changes Capture Route should now be much more stable and reliable. Also you can now use Capture Route in landscape mode.

On the Display Routes side not much has changed, I have removed the giant burritos from my April Fools gag and fixed a bug where when removing routes the last route would stay visible after you had removed it. (but only until you touched the screen)

This occurred because the command:


Was not being called to let the MapView know that it had changes it needed to display. I have remedied this.

Version 0.0.9 is available for download, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

What’s Next:

  • Adding a Target function so you can tell Shortest Walking Route where you are going and have it terminate the gps capture when you get there.
  • Tuning down the number of GPS fixes captured to more efficiently represent a route.
  • Finding more useful information about routes to display
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