Version 0.0.6

March 24th, 2012 Posted in Version Update

Just a little update this time.

I noticed a problem with the Capture Route ending routes and starting a new one when the next GPS fix arrived.

This was caused by a bit of code I put in to the onStop() to clean up when the application was killed from the outside. I’ve moved this to the onDestroy() which should still retain the function without disrupting how the application is working. This change brought to you by the Android Activity Lifecycle.

I’ve also added a persistent notification to be displayed while Capture Route is running. This should help prevent people accidentally leaving the GPS capture running and wasting battery life.

Unfortunately because I implemented the notification using a future compatible tool called NotificationCompat.Builder, it has tripled the size of Shortest Walking Route to 161.22kb.

So please, download and install Version 0.0.6 and let me know what problems  you find or features you want.

What’s Next:

Back to work on filtering out inaccurate results and getting the paths to display information about themselves when they are tapped.

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