Version 0.0.4

March 7th, 2012 Posted in Version Update

This version sees the SQLite Database being written to and a value being read from it.

Now the database has all of the GPS fixes written to it.

When CaptureRoute starts a new Route it will read the highest Route Number stored in the database and record the new Route as 1 more than that.

The notification ( called a toast, because it pops up) will let you know the new Route Number.

Also there is now a Progress Spinner on the top bar of Capture Route to let you know that it is still running and I have disabled screen rotation to stop it from restarting. (After I have switched the main content display from a TableView to a ListView I will come back and have a look at getting it to work in landscape mode)

Version 0.0.4


This installer is hosted on because I still can’t figure out how to host files on this website.

I chose dev-host because:

  • they don’t throw captcha’s at you
  • they aim there service at legitimate file owners
  • their ads are relatively unobtrusive

What’s Next:

I’ve actually been working on 0.0.5 for some time already, so look forward to:

  • Recording GPS Fixes for longer than 60 seconds
  • Finally seeing something on a map
  • More pretty icons and interface

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